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XREAL beam

XREAL beam

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Start your AR journey with the world's best-selling AR glasses and XREAL's latest Spatial Display technology. 

  • Available now;
  • ships within 10 work days.

    • Join 100,000+ fans around the world
    • Adjustable virtual display size up to 330" *anywhere you go
    • Use with Beam to unlock three Spatial Display modes for different use cases
    • Compatible with pretty much every mobile phone, PC and gaming consoles. (Please refer to the Experience pages for compatibility details.)
    • Industry-best display quality powered by proprietary optic technologies
    • TÜV certified Eye Comfort. Supports use with prescription lenses
    • Lightweight, pocket size, your perfect travel companion
    • Award-winning design bringing fashion and technology together 

    Wired Connections for Smooth Gaming
    • Connect through XREAL HDMI to USB-C Cable for better for reduced latency, ideal for gaming and DRM streaming support.

    Automatic Power-on
    • 3.5 hours of battery life, ultra-long standby time
    • Can be used while charging
    • Charge to 50% in 30 minutes, support 27w fast charge

    3 Modes of Spatial Display
    • Smooth Follow: Designed to minimize image movements caused by physical environment, ideal for in-vehicle use
    • Body Anchor: 3 Degree of Freedom (3DoF) tracking allows the screen to remain still in the air regardless of head movements and move only with the body
    • Sideview: Shrinks the display and moves it to the side to avoid visual interference while still able to enjoy a show
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